Mobile Backhaul
Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul

LinkStar’s GPON-based mobile backhaul solution provides high bandwidth, high-precision clock transfer, good QoS guarantee, and complete protection mechanisms to meet the stringent demands of mobile network operators.

  • LSM1300 GPON OLT
  • The LSM1300 GPON OLT is suitable for providing mobile signal coverage in densely populated areas and it supports up to 256 GPON ports in a 10U chassis. The large 80Gbps uplink interface to core network allows greater scalability as the backhaul network grows with time.

  • Maximum of 256 GPON ports
  • 1PPS+TOD,IEEE 1588V2 interface
  • 10U chassis
  • 80Gbps uplink interface
  • Compatible with 10G GPON (XGPON) cards
  • Full redundancy for power, switch and uplink cards
  • LSM2829 Mobile CBU
  • The LSM2829 is a GPON Cellular Backhaul Unit (CBU) designed for the backhauling of traffic from base stations (2G/3G or LTE) or small cells. It supports both Type B and C protection as well as battery backup, making it highly reliable in the field.

  • Up to 8 E1/T1 ports
  • 2 GE ports
  • Up to 16 FE ports
  • 2 1PPS + ToD interfaces
  • Supports IEEE 1588v2
  • 1 or 2 GPON ports
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery back-up option
  • Fanless design