CWDM Devices
CWDM Devices

CWDM Profile

Instead of more fiber installation, CWDM transmission equipment improves the available rate of bandwidth at lower cost, which is used in Metro Network with medium and short distances, especially for the operator shopping to improve the bandwidth’s available rate because of inconvenience of fiber installation, fiber hiring, shortage of fiber and other requirements. Besides these, CWDM equipment offers the operators a transmission solution with low price but high performance by renting wavelength, connecting corporations and connecting storage network. Some functions of CWDM technique, such as protecting Fiber Multiplex segment, can improve the network’s security and service resilience. So it’s the most reliable, secure and reasonable technique to build Metro and Access Network.


Metro Network with medium and short distance CWDM Equipment Transmit multi-service with 1 fiber by wavelength division multiplexer
    Transmit Ethernet, SDH and other signals
    Provide 16 channels at most by single fiber or dual fiber
    Data rate: up to 2.5Gbps per channel
    Transmitting distance up to 100km
    Support SNMP, Console management
    19inch standard size (L444mm, H44mm, W250mm)